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Through the accumulation of assets over time, we will aid you in building your property portfolio starting from scratch. Meet with us for a one-to-one consultation where we assess your current property situation and subsequently provide you with a detailed financial analysis as well as discuss property strategies.

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Take this for example:

Abe and Madeline had only one property to their name: a 4-bedroom HDB flat that they wanted to move out from to stay closer to their parents in the west side of the country. They were paying for their flat with the Central Provident Fund (CPF) which they had a lot of leftover of in their Ordinary Account (O/A).

Based on their financial eligibility, we advised them to sell their HDB flat as they had been staying there for 8-9 years, meaning that its value had accumulated. With the money that they cashed out from the sale of the flat, the CPF that was returned to their CPF account, and the balance CPF they had in their O/A, they bought a private condo unit for their own stay.

We discovered that after upgrading to the private condo, the couple had extra funds for another property. Surprised that they had enough for another one, they decided to purchase a 1-bedroom Building-Under-Construction (BUC) unit for investment purposes. With the BUC that had not yet attained Temporary Occupation Permit (TOP), they already gained a profit of $180,000 within 3 years. The best part about this story is that the couple did not have to touch their savings at all! They didn't know it was possible.



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