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Tranquil Living During the Pandemic: Luxurious Properties in Sentosa to Look Out For

Updated: Apr 6, 2023

With stringent travel restrictions put into place due to the pandemic, many are forced to cast their wanderlust aside. However, the inability to take a break from the bustling city life is not without solutions. Since the pandemic, the number of resale transactions for both landed and non-landed properties in Sentosa has increased, with plenty choosing to reside in the scenic island paradise to lead vacation-themed lifestyles. Additionally, the work-from-home situation has urged people to spend more time in the comfort of their homes, spurring demand for housing that offer scenic views and recreational activities.

Compared to 2019, 2020 has seen a 87 percent surge in condominium sales and almost a doubling for landed properties. This upward trend has also continued in the first half of 2021.

Over the years, Sentosa Cove has gradually evolved into a premier waterfront residential enclave for both locals and foreigners who appreciate a serene and slow-paced lifestyle on an island. Since Sentosa properties appear to be making a comeback during the ongoing pandemic, let’s take a look at some of the luxurious condominiums, bungalows and villas that are sitting on the island.


In this article, we are introducing 10 luxurious condominiums in Sentosa Cove, each with unique features that not only encompass the serenity and magic of the island resort with their aesthetics, but also promise captivating views of the surrounding scenery.

1. Seascape (57 Cove Way, 098308)

Photo Credit: SentosaCove360

Built by the sea, Seascape is a 99-year-leasehold high-rise apartment located at Sentosa Cove that offers stunning views of the surrounding landscape. Each unit boasts a spacious balcony that ties in with the nautical theme of Sentosa, giving the apartment cosy vacation vibes.

2. Turquoise (51 Cove Dr, 098393)

Photo Credit: SentosaCove360

Nestled within Sentosa Cove is another condominium that exudes tranquility - Turquoise. Each apartment enjoys the luxury of its own elevator, complete with a private berth for yachts and sailboats.

3. The Coast @ Sentosa Cove (Ocean Drive, 098449)

Photo Credit: SentosaCove360

The Coast @ Sentosa Cove, which is situated along the coastline, is the only condominium on Sentosa island to feature the panoramic vista of the open sea for all 249 units. With convenient access to many restaurants and amenities at Quayside Isle, this residential paradise is the perfect combination of luxury and comfort.

4. Cape Royale (25 Cove Way, 098209)

Photo Credit: SentosaCove360

At 20 storeys tall, Cape Royale is the tallest building on the island of Sentosa, which means that its residents can enjoy magnificent views of both the South China Sea and Tanjong Golf Course. This condo is definitely a strong candidate for buyers who like to go for high-rise units.

5. Marina Collection (13 - 17 Cove Dr, 098327)

Photo Credit: SentosaCove360

Taking on a Mediterranean style, the 124-unit Marina Collection offers a picturesque view of the boardwalks and private yacht berths. Just 4 storeys high, this condominium is well-suited for those who prefer a low-rise living while enjoying a full access to condominium facilities and stunning views.

6. Seven Palms (155 Cove Dr, 098183)

Photo Credit: SevenPalms

A truly ‘limited edition’ lifestyle, Seven Palms at Sentosa Cove consists of just 41 luxury apartments in three, four and five bedroom configurations. Wrapped around a coconut grove, residents of the apartments can enjoy access to a 41-metre infinity pool.

7. The Azure (201 Ocean Dr, 098584)

Photo Credit: SentosaCove360

A five-storey residential complex, The Azure offers an unhampered 180-degree panoramic view of the sea and the Singapore skyline. Promising a truly authentic waterfront living, this 116-unit luxury apartment that is located on the pristine shores of the South China Sea fully encapsulates the charm of the island.

8. The Berth by the Cove (212 Ocean Dr, 098624)

Photo Credit: SentosaCove360

A tropical haven surrounded by luscious greenery and waterscapes, The Berth by the Cove is the very first luxurious waterfront condominium built in Sentosa Cove back in 2006. Despite being the oldest condominium there, it remains unrivaled in accessibility, features and prestige, boasting unique water features such as a fountain court and cascading waterfalls.

9. The Oceanfront (281 Ocean Dr, 098527)

Photo Credit: SentosaCove360

Being one of the condominium developments in Sentosa Cove that is located closest to VivoCity, The Oceanfront is another worthy option for buyers looking for high-rise apartment units. Rising 15 storeys above ground, the apartments consist of full height windows in the living and dining areas for maximum seaview potential.

10. The Residences at W (1 Ocean Way, 098372)

Photo Credit: SentosaCove360

Located right at the doorstep of The Residences at W is a boardwalk of restaurants and amenities, instantly giving this upscale residence a major boost to its accessibility score. A resort-style sanctuary for residents, The Residences at W certainly deserves its reputation as one of the most opulent condominium apartments in Sentosa Cove.

Bungalows and Villas

Besides the luxurious condominium developments, Sentosa Cove is also home to a variety of bungalows and villas such as the ‘Island’ series and Kasara The Lake.

1. Coral Island

Photo Credit: SentosaCove360

Harbouring 21 modern villas, Coral Island is a tropical paradise set on a man made island located on the Southeast end of Sentosa. Exuding a warm and cosy aura, each villa consists of a set of 5 bedrooms and a private berth at your doorstep, providing residents with a spacious and luxurious dwelling.

2. Paradise Island

Photo Credit: SentosaCove360

This family-oriented project truly earns its name as a paradise for both adults and children. Besides chilling in a wide range of pools (swimming, lap, wading and family pools), residents also enjoy access to their own private driveway and berth. making it the perfect home for families.

3. Pearl Island

Photo Credit: SentosaCove360

A private sanctuary surrounded by Mediterranean blue waters, Pearl Island is a 99-year leasehold bungalow housing project that is partially cut off from Sentosa Island itself. Sitting on the island is a cluster of 19 exclusive bungalows surrounded by palm trees and individual swimming pools. With such luxurious features, it is of no wonder that it has earned a Good Class Bungalow accreditation and gained a reputation as one of the most desired places to stay in Singapore.

4. Sandy Island

Photo Credit: SentosaCoveGuru

18 waterfront villas embedded in a lush rainforest setting, the multi-award-winning Sandy Island is the dream home for nature-lovers who are fans of peace and tranquility. What’s especially unique about Sandy Island is that each villa is one of its kind. Built with the philosophy that a home should be a meditative space for owners to restore their sense of balance and calm, each villa boasts an open concept with four spacious floors, including a low floor featuring a dedicated car lift.

5. Treasure Island

Photo Credit: SentosaCoveGuru

With its beautiful landscapes and tasteful designs, this island of 19 exclusive bungalows offers spacious living with floor-to-ceiling French windows, allowing residents to enjoy unobstructed views of the picturesque surroundings. Built to create a fusion of nature and contemporary living, one can most definitely enjoy a tranquil lifestyle here away from the bustling city.

6. Kasara The Lake

Photo Credit: SentosaCove360

Derived from the word “kassraah”, which is Sanskrit for “lake”, Karasa The Lake is a rare collection of thirteen high-end villas wrapped within a bamboo forest. All villas are also named after a different lake, and each features a luxurious private pool and cantilever lounge over the shimmering lake they are situated along.

Looking for a home in Sentosa?

If you have been hunting for a home on Sentosa island that exudes qualities of your dream lifestyle - tranquility, comfort and luxury - you now have a brief idea of what your options are. On your day off, you can even take a trip to the island to see these beautiful properties for yourself before selecting one as your new dream home!

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