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Getting a Home Loan in Singapore?

Want to get a free non-obligatory mortgage comparison for your home?

We got it covered! Get the best home loan rates through us!


Why Us?


Lower & 
Better Rates

We dedicate ourselves to obtain unbiased, best available rates for your property, across all banks in Singapore

Legal Consultant

Incomparable Legal Fees

You will get to enjoy one of the lowest legal fees with our partnered law firm when you engage with us



Instead of going through the hassle of contacting all the different banks in Singapore, let us do the job for you for FREE!

Our Partners

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Are there any charges for me to engage this service?

We will liaise with the various banks for the best available rates for your property and it is completely free.

Do I have to make a trip down to the bank personally?

Our partnered bankers will pay you a visit personally to advise on the procedures and to complete the required  documentation. You will not be required to visit the bank in person.

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