About Paul

Paul is an award-winning realtor with more than 10 years of experience in the real estate industry. He specialises in real estate financial planning, advising his clients in the areas of asset progression, wealth management, and financial leveraging.

A real estate investor himself, Paul is savvy in identifying investment-worthy properties and is a specialist in private residential properties located in the central district of Singapore.

Our Services

Sales & Rent

Are you looking at selling or renting a property? Our customised marketing plan ensures that your property gains maximum exposure to your target audience.

Financial Planning

We offer financial planning services for all our clients, providing a clear plan of their current financial status, obligations as well as their opportunities.



Our professional advice on the property market trends and opportunities. We will review your current property market value and advise on a roadmap that will help you increase the value of your investments.

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Need Some Professional Advice On Your Property?

If you are unsure of your current property market value or would like to seek our professional advice for a property financial analysis, feel free to arrange a coffee session with us.

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