Private Resale Payment Schedule Calculator

Property Purchase Price Purchase price of property


Estimated Interest P.A. current mortage interest rate


Loan Tenure Number of years loan for intended mortgage


Nationality For Citizen of Switzerland, USA, Liechstenstein, Iceland and Norway, select field as Singaporean (as they are exempted from foreigner taxes)

Existing Number Of Property Do not include property that you intend to sell within 6 months

Existing Number Of Mortgage Loan Do not include mortgage that you intend to sell within 6 months

Payment Schedule

% Payable

Amount Payable

Option Fee (Cash) Cash need as deposit for the property

Exercise Option (Cash) Cash needed when exercising the option

Buyer Stamp Duty Cash/CPF needed for the Buyer Stamp Fee when exercising the option

Estimated Legal Fee Estimated legal fee.

Additional Buyer Stamp Duty (ABSD) (If any) Cash/CPF needed for the Additional Buyer Stamp Fee when exercising the option

Sales Completion (Cash and CPF) Cash/CPF needed for at sales completion

Total Required Fund (Cash and CPF) Total fund (cash and CPF) needed for purchase of property (after taking up a mortgage loan)

Maximum Loan (LTV %) Maximum Loan Percentage and Amount

Estimated Monthly InstallmentEstimated monthly mortgage loan servicing amount

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