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What Does The Anglo-Chinese School (ACS) Primary Move Mean for Tengah?

Updated: Apr 6, 2023

Anglo-Chinese School (ACS) Primary

Tengah, a new town situated in the western region of Singapore, has been gaining attention lately with the news of a prominent school potentially relocating there. The school in question is the Anglo-Chinese School (ACS) Primary, a renowned institution with a long history and reputation for academic excellence.

The move from Barker Road to Tengah would mark a significant change for ACS Primary (which will become a co-ed school by 2030) and while some may view the potential move as a loss for the Bukit Timah community, it is important to consider the benefits that could come with a new location.

Tengah is a relatively new town, with plans to house an estimated 42,000 homes, 30,000 of which are to be public housing and 12,000 of which are to be private housing. This presents an opportunity for ACS Primary to be part of a growing community and contribute to its development. Additionally, the move could bring renewed interest and investment to the Tengah area, potentially leading to the creation of more amenities and infrastructure.

The move is expected to increase demand for housing in the Tengah area, which is already undergoing development as Singapore's first "Forest Town". Tengah's convenient location and green features, including a forest corridor and extensive parks, make it an attractive option for homebuyers looking for a balance of urban convenience and natural surroundings. With the addition of the new ACS Primary campus,

Tengah is likely to become an even more popular choice for families with school-aged children. However, the increased demand may also lead to higher property prices, making it more difficult for some buyers to afford a home in the area. Home prices in Tengah may increase by up to 15%, but price increase may be moderated by the government's cooling measures and the overall economic situation

Of course, there are also challenges that come with relocating a well-established institution. The move could disrupt the routine and familiarity that students, parents, and staff have grown accustomed to. There may also be logistical challenges to overcome, such as transportation and the need to build new facilities.

Ultimately, the decision to move ACS Primary to Tengah will require careful consideration and planning. It is important to weigh the potential benefits and drawbacks, as well as the impact on the school and surrounding community. Whatever the outcome, it is clear that Tengah is a town with potential for growth and development, and the presence of a prominent school like ACS Primary could be a valuable addition to its future.

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