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Home Staging: Insider Tips, Debunking Myths & Mistakes to Avoid

Updated: Apr 6, 2023

Credit: Starry Homestead

Home staging is the furnishing of a property with the intention to make it attractive to potential buyers. To sell a home quickly and at the best possible price, home staging is recommended as it allows potential buyers to see the property in its best condition and it gives them an idea of what the property can offer. In this industry where the first impression makes or breaks a deal, it is no doubt that home staging plays a very important role in selling a property. From providing insider tips to discussing myths, this article details everything you need to know about the process.

Insider Tips

1. Be Detail Oriented

Instead of going through the hassle of repainting walls, make use of decorative furnishings to enhance your property. This can include a basket of fruits on the dining table or a vase of fresh flowers in the living room. Such accessories play a crucial role in completing a design as it is the finishing touch to the overall look of a property.

2. Avoid Displaying Your Personal Life

Be mindful of your personal belongings such as family pictures, religious decorations and so on. Avoid showcasing them in your property viewings as your goal would be to get potential buyers to fall in love with the space and visualize it as theirs. Consider taking your personal belongings out of the picture for the time being to ensure that your property remains as neutral as possible. Think showflat, not your own home. After all, you do want to sell it.

3. Eliminate 'Dead Spaces'

Your property may have an unused space that you find unnecessary to utilize. However, such spaces, also known as 'dead spaces', may come across as wasted space to others. Therefore, you will want to find a way to eliminate them in order to appeal to potential buyers. For example, your hallway might be longer than usual and this would create a lot of empty space on the walls. You could put up artworks or a bulletin board to make use of the space and enhance the property's overall aesthetic. What if the property has an unusual nook? You could turn it into a usable space, say maybe a reading corner.

4. Declutter

Thoroughly tidying up your property is imperative to create a good first impression. To effectively and efficiently declutter your home, start one room at a time and categorize your clutter for easier organization. By decluttering your property of old stacks of newspapers, bags of clothes lying around and whatnot, it not only makes your home look more spacious but also cleaner. Clutter-free homes are more appealing as it gives potential buyers the confidence that the space was well taken care of. Check out what we have done with one of our client's home!

5. Remember Your Outdoor Space

There may not be much outdoor space in a condo or a HDB flat, but the balcony and the path leading from the lift landing to the front door are not to be overlooked. Get rid of any clutter that you may have left lying around, liven up the area with vases of plants or simply place a doormat at the doorway.

6. Music

During property viewings, put on some soothing instrumental music to create a sense of calm in the home. This increases the appeal of your property as it allows potential buyers to feel comfortable and at ease just as they would in their own home.

Mistakes To Avoid

1. Lighting

Do not skimp out on lighting. It is important to turn on the lights, keep window blinds and curtains open, and to ensure that the temperature is at a comfortable level. You wouldn't want your potential buyer to walk into a dark space that is either too cold or too hot. Buyers tend to react more positively to a cool and welcoming home, something that ambience plays an essential role in.

2. Odour

Everyone perceives smell differently although it can be agreed that certain strong odours are not pleasant to most. Make sure that your property does not have any strong smell; no buyer would want to stay in your perfectly staged home if they pick up a bad smell. You could make use of aromatherapy or even bake a batch of cookies to create a homely atmosphere!

3. Colour

Too much colour may not be as appealing to a potential buyer as it may be to you. You may like sharp or bright colours such as lime green or orange, but keep in mind that you are selling your property to someone else, not yourself. Try to maintain a more neutral colour, one that is more calming to the eyes such as white, beige, light grey or other muted colours.

Myths About Home Staging

1. It Is Too Costly

Bringing in a bunch of new furniture may sound expensive. Don't think of it as an expense but an investment instead. Home sellers who believe home staging to be more expensive than it is worth are unaware of what it really entails and the benefits it brings. Statistics have shown that staged homes not only sell faster but at a higher price too compared to those that are not staged.

2. It Only Works For Unfurnished Homes

This misconception begs the question of the feasibility of furnished homes to undergo home staging. Sellers may think that their furnished homes are not fit for home staging due to their belongings and current furniture, but they fail to understand that they can be removed and replaced by new furniture. It's simple, really. Set up new furniture in place of the old ones and voila, your home has been staged.

3. Small Houses Do Not Require It

Home staging benefits all types of property, be it a small HDB flat or a large landed property. With larger homes, home staging helps showcase the amount of space sellers have with furniture that matches the property. When it comes to smaller homes, it helps the rooms look more spacious and shows the buyer how they can utilize the space.

4. Anyone Can Do It

The home staging process is elaborate and involves details that the average person may miss. To showcase a property at its best, home staging specialists are trained to analyze its interior and carefully selecting as well as arranging furniture to increase its appeal. They understand the importance of furniture placement and the functions of certain accessories.


Home staging may just be the key for you to set your property apart from the rest, to make it stand out among the others especially in this challenging market post-cooling measures. To help you understand better, take a look at our video on home staging!

Don't hesitate to reach out to us should you decide to look into home staging! We'll be more than happy to assist you.

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